Start playing european roulette and grab some money

There are a lot of games in our online casino with instant money withdrawal, but one of the favorite is european roulette. Have you ever wondered where did the classic roulette come from? If you have no idea, you're going to learn it right now.

European roulette

Origins of classic roulette

The story of the european roulette invention is contradictory. There are a lot of people and places attributed to that, but in fact there are only two places where the classic roulette taking its roots from: France and China. They say that the game system was figured out by mathematician Blaise Pascal who was influenced by the perpetuum mobile. Another story claims that Chinese merchants bring the roulette to Europe after one of their stays.

Anyway it is known that in 1842 Louis Blanc and Francois Blanc added another sector to the wheel which is called zero in order to rise the house advantage. In the 1800's roulette extended to the entire Europe and the US (where the game was modified by adding another segment known as double zero. This alteration is known as American roulette). At last the game becomes one of the most famous casino games. Some casino named it the King of Casino Games.

This was a short history of roulette. Now lets focus on the one which can be played in our gambling casino with immediate money withdrawal.

Classic roulette in our mobile friendly casino

This particular installment is using the classic form of a french roulette. The entire game design is given by specialists of our mobile friendly casino for money. The visual representation of the european roulette is well accurate and bright. Now it's time to proceed to the instructions for browser-based casino users who have only just began familiarizing themselves with game. If you aren't novice in roulette anymore, you are going to find some useful info as well.

Classic roulette tutorials

First of all let us start with the OPTIONS button. This is what allows you to alter the installment to your own needs. Push the Options button and check if you want the animation and sounds to be activated or not. If the animation is non-checked, a roulette ball isn't rolling around the wheel. It just falls on the any figures immediately after you click on the SPIN button.

If you decide to enjoy the european roulette in its entire presentation, leave this choice turned on. Do the sounds disturb you? Then mute them. Now when everything is adjusted it's time to play the game of chance.

Start playing right away

Ue arrows to see the row of given chips on the table. After that using your personal computer mouse take one that you are going to begin with and land it on the game table. If you revise decision, press the CLEAR BET to erase all chips from game table. If you land some chips accidentally, use the chip with X emblem to remove the certain chips off the table one by one. Do you like to make it a little bit tricky? Then multiply your bet with a Double button. When make sure that this stake is what you need (it is shown in the Bet box at the bottom of the screen) click on the Spin button to play.

The wininng number will be shown in a parted field in the right corner. To see your current winnings look down to the BALANCE box.

The european roulette will satisfy the visitors for sure. Make your series of winnings right away!